Select a State – Or Better Yet, Let it Select You!

Sitting at Euflora Longmont, somewhere between the strain shelves and the sweet scent of possibility, we found ourselves contemplating about… states! Not Ohio, Oregon, or even Okawville – we’re talking states of matter, states of mind, but mostly, states of high spirits spurred by our spectacular selection!

Facts become funnier when you’re in a ‘High’ state, wouldn’t you agree? Suddenly the pinpoint on the map turns into a pinball game, where you’re cheerfully bouncing between the Rockies of a Solid State and the Pacific Coast of a Liquid State.

Feeling more Plasma? Zip into zero gravity with a strain strong enough to send shivers to Saturn! Or achieve a Bose-Einstein condensate state, if chilling at absolute zero tickles your fancy.

So next time you’re tasked with ‘Select a State’, remember, you’re not limited to 50. With Euflora Longmont, we’re pushing boundaries, states, and a good time! Ready to transition into an exciting state? We’ll meet you in the state of ‘Euflor-ia!’