The Chronicles of The Unconventional Pharmacy – The Grass Station Dispensary

Bright night skies and an adobe cityscape backdrop the beautiful city of Albuquerque. Amid soaring hot air balloons and delightful green chile peppers, lies The Grass Station. But this isn’t where you fuel your gas guzzlers. Instead, it’s your one-stop-shop for the most refined cannabis experience in town.

Not Your Average Grass Cutting Business

A trip to The Grass Station doesn’t involve lawn mowers or green thumb gardeners. It’s a statement to say that this dispensary takes ‘going green’ a tad differently. Their selection is a meticulously curated bouquet, the crème de la crème of Mother Nature’s green gifts.

Their Ambrosia of Sorts

Shockingly unlike the dry, magnet-attracting tumbleweed or the green chili peppers Albuquerque famously dons, the herbs housed by The Grass Station create a wholly different experience. The green lulled in the rocks of The Grass Station is worth far more than the naturally beautiful landscape surrounding Albuquerque. After all, it’s not what you plant; it’s what you use to make life just a little more intriguing.