Turn Over a “High” Leaf in Michigan

When it comes to accessories for a good chuckle, there’s a ‘joint’ venture climbing high on the ladder – Joyology! We bring the convenience of a Cannabis Delivery service right to your door in Michigan.

Now, urban legends around the Marijuana Dispensary world refer to a mythical creature known as the ‘Couch Lock Yeti.’ Laughing yet? Get this – it appears when the said user takes one puff too many and merges with their couch for the rest of the evening. Well, folks in Quincy, Reading, Burton, Wayne, Center Line, and even as far as Lowell, now you don’t have to worry about leaving the comfort of your home, let alone your couch!

That’s right! Be it a Cannabis Dispensary or Marijuana Store, we’ve got you covered. Call us from anywhere – be it your living room in Quincy or your brother-in-law’s bachelor party in Lowell. Our Marijuana Provisioning Center dispatches the ‘Yeti Care Kit’ (a.k.a the cannabis of your choice), to ensure a giggle-filled good time!

Joyology. Because the world could use another ‘high’ reason to giggle!