A Comprehensive Guide to Your First Visit at Codes – Hannibal, MO

Whether it’s your first time planning a visit to Codes or a quick dip into the world of Recreational Dispensaries, Marijuana New London or Palmyra, MO, there’s plenty you’ll need to know. To make your first experience as smooth as possible, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide for you.

Preparing For Your Visit

First and foremost, remember that despite it being legal in Missouri, each person is allowed to buy a certain amount of weed per day. Look up the regulations to ensure you’re compliant with them. Also, bring a valid form of identification. This could be a driver’s license, a state ID, or a military ID. If you’re visiting from out of the U.S., bring a passport. All buyers must be 21 or older.

It can be helpful to do some research before arriving at Codes – Hannibal, MO. Have a look at the dispensary menu online for a better idea of what you might want to purchase. Whether you’re interested in exploring a wide variety of strains or specific products like edibles or tinctures, it’s always best to come prepared.

During Your Visit

Upon entrance, you’ll be greeted by a team member who will verify your ID. After that, you will be allowed to view the products. Remember to ask about THC levels, ratios, strains, and the effects of various products before making your choice. Each strain and form offers unique effects and benefits, so rely on our knowledgeable staff to guide you through your selections.

Last but not least, payment method. While it’s slowly changing, many dispensaries only accept cash due to federal regulations. It’s always a smart idea to bring enough cash for your intended purchases. There are usually ATMs available, but to avoid possible additional charges, come prepared.

After Your Visit

After making your purchases, ensure that all marijuana products are closed and secured in your vehicle. It’s also important to note that it is illegal to consume marijuana in public or in your car. Wait until you’re in a private, legal place before enjoying your products.

Remember, the journey doesn’t end there. It’s an ongoing process of discovering what strains, methods of consumption, and quantities work best for you. Feel free to ask our team any questions you may have on subsequent visits. With the right guidance, exploring the world of recreational marijuana can be an immensely enjoyable experience.