Discover Your Ideal Strain at Codes – St Louis: Premier Weed & Recreational Dispensary in Missouri

Grounded in service, Codes – St Louis is Missouri’s unprecedented hub for top-tier Weed and Recreational Dispensaries. We are fiercely committed to elevating the standards of the cannabis industry with our thoughtful array of products and world-class in-store experience.

Unleash the Power of Mother Nature

At Codes – St Louis, our passion extends beyond the roots of plants. We strive to foster a non-intimidating environment, nurturing an understanding of the unique properties and potentials of each strain. Our expert team is dedicated to guiding customers to products that perfectly align with their lifestyle, well-being and recreational needs.

Experience Our Unmatched Variety

From Indicas to Sativas, our dispensary showcases an unrivalled selection of flowers, edibles, topicals and concentrates. While we are recognized as the leading Dispensary in Missouri, our vision is to revolutionize the dispensary experience by prioritizing education, inclusion and engagement.

Join Our Community

As pioneers in our field, we invite you to discover the distinguished potency and purity of our curated collections. From beginners to connoisseurs, Codes – St Louis welcomes everyone to explore the endless wonders of nature’s finest gift.