About MMD Shops: Your Number One Cannabis Dispensary in Southern California

With pride in our roots and an eye on the future, MMD Shops stands as a pioneer in the Medical Marijuana industry. Established in 2006, we’ve been committed to providing accessible and top-quality cannabis products to Southern California for more than a decade.

Built on Trust and Quality

Our business is founded on a commitment to quality, trust, and customer satisfaction. We serve a diverse community of cannabis users, from those seeking medical relief to recreational users in search of superior quality products. Take a look at the variety of products we offer on our website.

Spreading Roots Across Southern California

Our foothold in the cannabis market isn’t just confined to one single location. MMD Shops has flourished, sprouting four locations across Southern California, bringing top-tier Medical Marijuana and Recreational Weed to Los Angeles, CA, Hollywood, CA, Burbank, CA, Santa Monica, CA, Long Beach, CA, & Marina Del Rey, CA. We are always ready to provide you with the best dispensary experience; just type “Cannabis Dispensary Near Me” in your search bar and find us.