Embracing the New Standard of Funny

Contrary to popular belief, New Standard isn’t an updated version of an old yardstick. Nor is it a revised edition of your grandma’s cook book. Welcome to the New Standard, a place where we’re redefining the norms and setting our sights higher!

Ridiculously High Standards

See, while others strive for the ‘standard’, we’ve decided to up the ante and create an entirely new level of achievement. Think of us as the gym joke that lifts more weight than the bodybuilder next to them – and does it while cracking puns and dad jokes. Intrigued? You should be.

Achieve greatness, one pun at a time

At New Standard, we believe that greatness can be achieved one pun at a time. If you can’t handle a weighty conversation, go ahead and lift your spirits with our lighter humor – guaranteed to leave you in fits of laughter.

Remember, when life gives you raisins, make grape juice and leave the world pondering how you managed it. That’s the New Standard way of life.